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Computer & Server Recycling


You can rely on our free e-waste pick-up for qualified businesses, schools, non-profit organizations, and government agencies!

Does your business or organization have obsolete computers, laptops, networking equipment, test equipment, and servers you don’t want to keep anymore? Ecotronix Recycling offers free computer and server recycling for Chicagoland enterprises and organizations looking to clear out their electronic clutter swiftly and safely.

We’ve been in the electronics recycling business since 2005 and are happy to meet you at your location to get rid of your old IT equipment. We’ve worked with data centers, corporate offices, labs, and storage rooms, so there’s nothing we haven’t encountered before. It’s our goal to save your company time and resources through e-waste recycling.

With Ecotronix Recycling, you don’t have to worry about legal risks, environmental concerns, or unnecessary costs when it comes to computer and server recycling. We make the process simple and safe and protect you from liability by taking title of the equipment.

We’ve had Fortune 500 companies trust us to recycle their servers securely, and you can too. Here are more details about our computer and server recycling services:

  • We destroy remote hard drives by using Department of Defense-approved methods and NSA-approved technology.
  • We recycle servers according to state and federal environmental laws—your E-waste is NEVER shipped overseas.
  • Because we take recycling seriously, we’ll ensure complete data destruction of your old servers and send you certified reports, including Certificates of Recycling, Certificates of Destruction, and serial number lists.
  • Whenever possible, we reuse, refurbish, and repair computer and server equipment before dismantling and salvaging their metal and plastic parts.
  • Equipment no longer in working order will be stripped of any valuable parts and recycled with our R2 downstream recyclers in an environmentally friendly manner.

What Are The Advantages of Hardware and Computer Recycling?

Did you know that precious metals recovered from your old computer’s circuit board could be used to make new circuit boards? In other words, we can find numerous ways to reuse materials and components in an old computer to help manufacture new computers. Not only is this recycling process better for the environment, but it also helps keep costs lower as not as many new materials are needed.

There are multiple environmental benefits to recycling computers and related accessories. For starters, when fewer new materials are required, the amount of energy needed in the manufacturing process is reduced. Plus, the less we have to rely on extracting raw materials from the Earth, the less pollution we create. And because almost all of these raw materials are in limited supply, we need to be conservative with how we make the most of them since they will eventually run out.

Also, most computers, servers, and network equipment contain potentially hazardous carcinogens that can harm the environment when mishandled. These contaminants, such as mercury and lead, are even more prevalent in older devices. If they end up in landfills or other unauthorized areas, they can harm human, animal, and plant life.